All Golfers must register at the Pro Shop at least 15 minutes before reserved tee off time. Estimated playing time for 18 holes is 4 hours 30 minutes.

Please be as considerate to the group behind you as you would like the one in front to be you. Golf cart and Caddy are compulsory. (One golf cart for one golfer and one caddie).

Non-Golfers who wish to accompany golfers will be charged THB 1.550 (including fee, golf cart, and caddie). Accompanying guests shall observe golfer’s etiquette and club policy.

Only the caddie is allowed to operate a golf cart.

The number of golfers per group (including non-golfers) is maximum 5 persons. Children under 12 years of age are not allowed on the course.

Men should wear collared shirts with sleeves as well as slacks or golf shorts. Women should wear collared shirts with sleeves as well as slacks, mid length shorts or skirts.
Only soft spike or spike-less golf shoes are allowed on the course and practice green area/driving range. Any other footwear that damages the greens is strictly forbidden.
Not allowed:
Tank tops, T-Shirts, fishnet- or halter-tops, bathing suits, sweats, athletic shorts, blue jeans or denim slacks or jeans.

Rain Check:
If the golf course becomes unplayable due to heavy rain players may not be allowed to finish the round:
In this case the “rain check policy” will apply as follows :
If you are playing hole # 1 - # 13, a rain check coupon for the value of 9 holes (green fee only) will be issued (valid for 1 month). Rain check coupon must be issued on the day of play. Rain check policy is not applicable for golfers only playing 9 holes.

Our nature is important to us:
Santiburi Samui Golf Course blends itself harmoniously to its mother nature as jungle and animals are preserved to be in their original states.

We would like to ask all golfers that searching for golf balls in the wood, along the rough, or by the deep slope could risk encounter with dangerous animals, e.g. venomous snakes, poisonous insects, or wild lizards.
Please take extra precaution while playing in the wild. The course will not be held responsible for any cause of such dangers.

Enjoy the game, feel the nature and protect the animals.